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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nominated for an award.


I've been less active on authonomy. It was taking up toooo much of my valuable writing time. I did get nominated for an award on this web site
and received runner up. Yippee!!!!
I'm getting my story edited at the moment.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Talent Killers

this is my response to an email I read (and after I went to the suggested url) on a writer's circle I belong to.

I can see how she may feel this but after all publishing a book has to make enough profit to pay otherwise why bother? It's not a charity. I'm saddened by the fact that agents and publishing houses do not have the time to edit an author's book any more and it is up to the writer to do that. I think it stinks that there are big advances given to celebs that do not even write their own books. These books do not always sell well either. I think the day is soon coming that the publishing world will open their collective eyes and start worrying that the internet is doing what they didn't have the guts to do. Take a chance on talented unknown writers. The demise of publishing as we've known it is happening as you read this.


An author named Mary W. Walters wrote an impassioned post on Tuesday titled "The Talent Killers."

You can read it here:

I am deliberately not going to say anything about it before you've had a chance to read it.


http://www.mayareyn oldswriter.blogspot. com

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I've been busy at work and authonomy so I haven't had time to post.

I'm looking forward to an Easter break and doing some more writing. I'm still working on my Stephanie story. Does the editing ever end? I must be a slow learner.
From the comments I'm getting on authonomy, I will have to give my first chapter another edit and cut some of the backstory.

I sent 5 pages off to a couple of agents and got a no thanks back.

I'll keep plugging away until an agent or publisher picks it up.

The publishing world is getting harder with all the lay offs and rationalisations and closures happening. I think 2009 will be a much toughter market.

The web is changing so rapidly no one knows what will happen to the publishing world in the coming years. I think the publishers are worried and will be caught out if they don't jump into the frey when they should. This means the bigger players may become dinosaurs as they can't change quickly.

I can't see how downloading an entire book for free is going to bring enough revenue to keep going but that's what some writers are doing? What do you think?

Tell yourself this -
I love myself and therefore I am loved and lovable.

There is too much self critisism in the world today. We are not perfect nor are we meant to be. Do the best you can and be happy.

cheers for now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I subscribe to RSS feeds on Nathan Bransford's blog. He has some interesting perspectives on the other side of the fence. Check it out -

I'm happy to say that some authonomy authors have been successful. Three were offered contracts by Harper Collins and another couple had been found by agents lurking on authonomy.

A Sad Case (a crappy poem)

Authonomy Forum sucked me in,
Got square dry eyes,
Lost weight,
Didn't sleep,
Damned Word 2003 was mucking up my chapters when I posted them there,
Couldn't leave the computer just in case...
Then I screamed...
I can't take any more,
I'm drowning in an electronic sea,
I logged off and went outside,
The air was fresher there,
birds chirped, frogs croaked
and the rain smelt sweet.
But something was missing,
I walked from room to room
impatient to find what it was,
then I saw the computer screen blinking at me,
I tried so hard to make myself keep walking but
before I knew it,
Authonomy was talking to me again and I smiled,
home at last.