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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm up to page 148 of my fantasy story The Girl In The Mirror. Still loving it. I can't wait to finish it and do the next draft.

I found some great tips in the Writer's News regarding drafts and editing.
Summary of Stewart Ferris's article.

1) First sweep: Look at improving story structure.
2) Next sweep: Focus on characters
3) Focus on dialogue
4) Look at the descriptive language, etc. Ensure your descriptions do not look like large blocks on the page. If you must have the description then filter it in a little at a time.
5) Lastly, do a simple proof read.

I want to add to these and put point 5 last.
6) Look at chapter conflict which is different from the plot conflict. Each chapter must have its own nutshell of conflict (which enhances the plot). This is like the spokes of a wheel. The wheel being the plot.
7) In each scene ensure you have at least 3 of these...colour, dialogue, sounds, smells, conflict. Conflict being the most important one.
8) Look at adjectives. Always use only the best one to describe something. Get rid of the rest.
9) Repeated words on the same page. If it is intentional, then it's okay, but only then.
10) Overuse of descriptions or words.
11) Look for plot holes.
12) Check that main character's voice is consistent.
13)Look at back story as well. Too much and the story stands still.
14) Don't forget to enjoy the process.

Don't forget to make the first chapter as good as possible. A poor first chapter will sink you.

Leave me some comments if you found this useful.

Bye for now.