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Friday, July 19, 2013



Dreaded cliches!!!

Ace in the hole
All in a day's work
Are you a man or a mouse
As hot as hell
She'll be right
time stood still

There are many more. You can find a more comprehensive list at:

Often when we think we need to emphasise and explain (or use a cliche), we actually don't. If we do, then we are dumbing down the reader. Less is often more.

The horror writer Stephen King emphasises but does it will the skill of a master at his craft.

A good one who eases in serious matters (e.g. radioactive water) without any fan fare is Fay Weldon - The She Devil. She's a master at this.

I for one, am just as guilty of over emphasising too. It's an ongoing battle. Hopefully, we'll get there in the final cut.

What are cliches?

They were once a new way of saying something but with overuse became tired and boring.