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Monday, May 14, 2012

The writing process


I'm still enjoying the process of writing 'The Girl In The Mirror.' I've just realised that I am in my seventh month of writing this story. So much for the six months target I set to finish first draft. At least I can console myself that I'm nearlythere with only about 20 pages to go.

Those of you that think writing is easy and anyone can do it haven't tried to write a novel length story. If you have and you still think it's easy, I want to hear your story.

I love to write and it amazes me after a writing session that I have actually got something down. When I read what I have written, I wonder where all this stuff has come from.

For this current story I haven't tried to make each chapter perfect but rather kept going forward. I know that if I start rereading what I have written, I will get bogged down with polishing it. In the second draft some chapters might be cut or have the focus changed so I know now that I will be probably wasting my time if I do this.

The thing with being a writer is that you learn as you write. Yes, a university course in English will help with grammar, tenses, etc but not with ideas, creating and the stuff that you pluck from thin air as if its channeled from the universe. The more you do it the better you get and the more that little voice tells you that the stuff you have written is rubbish and no one will want to read it. You have to turn off the voice as much as you can and believe in yourself.

I came across a blog that I thought was worth passing on and it's called 'Not for Robots.'

Happy writing.