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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I subscribe to RSS feeds on Nathan Bransford's blog. He has some interesting perspectives on the other side of the fence. Check it out -

I'm happy to say that some authonomy authors have been successful. Three were offered contracts by Harper Collins and another couple had been found by agents lurking on authonomy.

A Sad Case (a crappy poem)

Authonomy Forum sucked me in,
Got square dry eyes,
Lost weight,
Didn't sleep,
Damned Word 2003 was mucking up my chapters when I posted them there,
Couldn't leave the computer just in case...
Then I screamed...
I can't take any more,
I'm drowning in an electronic sea,
I logged off and went outside,
The air was fresher there,
birds chirped, frogs croaked
and the rain smelt sweet.
But something was missing,
I walked from room to room
impatient to find what it was,
then I saw the computer screen blinking at me,
I tried so hard to make myself keep walking but
before I knew it,
Authonomy was talking to me again and I smiled,
home at last.