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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I thought that I would have a slow start to this year but it's not to be. I seem to be more busy than ever. What with producing a newsletter each month for the customer club I'm running and family as well as working I just don't have time for the dust to settle on me. I watched a program on TV last night about an obese young woman in the USA and I have read or seen programs like this before and always wonder who brings food to these people? Why don't they just limit the amount of food they give them? Yes they might cry and scream but you know it's for their own good and you are really trying to save them from themselves. That woman couldn't have gotten that large (over 300lbs) if someone didn't take her some food. After all she was bedridden and couldn't get up.

I was reading an interview in Writer's News, Scotland on Mo Hader. I have to get my hands on one of her books and see what makes it so good. I've just finished Small Island by Andrea Levy. What a great read and no wonder it won the Whitbread and Orange Prizes for Best Fiction. It's written in an old fashioned way with each character's story told separately. Of course their stories are intertwined but from that characters view point on the world and they bring with them their past and hopes and dreams. This is an exert from that story when Hortense arrives in London for the first time and sees her new husband's quarters...

"We went into the room. Gilbert rushed to pull a blanket over the unmade bed. Still warm I was sure. It was obvious to me he had just got out of it. I could smell gas. Gilbert waved his arms around as if showing me a lovely view. 'This is the room,' he said.
All I saw were dark brown walls. A broken chair that rested one uneven leg on the Holy Bible. A window with a torn curtain and Gilbert's suit - the double-breasted one- hanging from a rail on the wall.
'Well,' I said show me the rest, then, Gilbert.' The man just stared. 'Show me the rest, nah. I am tried from the long journey.' He scratched his head. 'The other rooms, Gilbert. The ones you busy making so nice for me you forget to come to the dock.'
Gilbert spoke so softly I could hardly hear. He said, 'But this is it.'"

What can I say but it's wonderful. You can tell that Gilbert thinks this is a nice place and she is shocked.

I'm still waiting to hear from the publishes in England. So here's hoping. I've been trying to get started on my new story and have given it lots of thought but just can't settle on the type of work the MC is doing but by next week my thoughts should settle on something. In the mean time I've been thinking about continuing my Chick Lit story that I've let go for a while. Look for the link on the side of the page.

You are a long time dead so while you are living let not the dust settle on you. Play like it's your last day, work like you don't need the money and love with all your heart.

Cheers for now Olga:)