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Thursday, July 28, 2016

List of sites for Kindle Book Promotion

I came across this today and thought it worthwhile to post here.

Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites for Paid Kindle Books $0.99 and Up

A few months ago we created a list of free Kindle book promotion sites which is great for authors who want to promote your free books during KDP Select free promotions or if you just have an eBook that’s always free.
But if you’ve been looking for some paid advertising options for promoting your paid Kindle books so you can start making money right away from royalties and ebook sales, then you’ll love this list even more. I can’t personally vouch for each of these eBook promotion services, but it’s a great place to start when looking for places to promote your book.
The list is organized in order – the sites at the top of the list have the most traffic while those at the bottom have the least amount of traffic based on the Alexa Rank.
The number following the Site link is the Alexa Ranking. The lower the Alexa Ranking, the more traffic the site gets, meaning the more readers your book has the potential to be exposed to, depending on the advertising package.


BookBub 7,119
Many Books 49,601
Get Free Ebooks 74,623
Ereader News Today 136,867
Obooko 142,537
Read Cheaply 181,789
Kindle Nation Daily 199,518
Awesome Gang  232,729
Author Marketing Club 253,130
Book Goodies 261,243
The Kindle Book Review 321,059
Book Daily 323,728
Ebook Stage  359,935
The Independent Author Network 376,077
The Fussy Librarian 389,123
Buck Books 407,319
Books Butterfly 598,873
Daily Free eBooks 736,060
Free Discounted Books  769,856
Fire and Ice Book Tours  1,013,595
The Women’s Nest 1,020,007
Kindle Book Promos 1,082,605
Bargain eBook Hunter 1,119,976
Just Kindle Books 1,165,322
StoryFinds 1,230,018
GoodKindles 1,262,774
Steamy Romance Books 1,268,706
Bookbear 1,430,451
Book Deal Hunter 1,695,513
The Wall of Books 3,215,201
Kufads 3,602,496
Bibliotastic 3,789,881
Zwoodle Books 3,925,368
The Wall of Books  6,612,641
Spoiled Reader  6,639,200
Note: The Alexa Rankings for all the above sites were last updated on March 30, 2016.

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