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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Letter from agent


Since my last post I've sent query letters to a few more agents. I had nice email from one agent but she still turned me down.
Dear Olga:
Thank you for your query and for allowing me to
consider your work.
Due to the high quantity of query letters I receive, I must be highly
selective in requesting further materials to read. Unfortunately, I¹m afraid
I must decline on this project right now, but I do want to encourage you to
continue submitting. Just because a project isn't quite right for me doesn¹t
mean the right agent isn't just around the corner.
I wish you the best of luck with all your writing endeavors and in the
querying and submission process. Persistence pays off, so don¹t give up!

Best regards,
Rachel Vater

I plan to start another story in the new year and I'll post the first chapter for your comments when it's written.

I've just finished reading a copy of Beetle Creek by Jim Parsons, a friend I met through the yahoo critical writing group I belong to. It's a very funny read and well worth buying. You can get your copy at
I believe it's mostly fictional based on where the author grew up and some of his great escapades. It's about a down-on-their-luck family who live in the country. All told from Jack's point of view. Dad steals the odd sheep and scrounges for choice items at the garbage tip. Long suffering Mum, who is quick to stand up and fight for her brood, judges the annual CWA scone-baking. Denny, Jack's brother, who traps rats on the bedroom windowsill prefers a little blackmail to actual hard work. Lucy is the recluse, who foretells the future of each family member. Marcie leaves the family home when she's 15 and heads for the Gold Coast for a better life of lust and fun. Davo is the Beetle Creek Casanova. Uncle Wally is in an out of jail and indulges in a little deviant behaviour when he can.

May you enjoy a Christmas filled with laughter shared with close family and friends.

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